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From One House to Another
Did you know you could check your children’s children, your uncle’s cousin, and even boss’ lover from your own chart? Sophia tells you how.
Price $12.95

The Art of Forecasting
Knowing the trend for the month ahead can help you utilize the best days for successes. Provides full delineation guide and step-by step instructions using a system of interpreting aspects between natal and transiting planets and the diurnal chart. The book tells how to “proofread” events indicated by the new, Full and Quarter Moons and how to win at games of chance.
Price $13.95

Aspects Between Signs
A great number of books have been written on aspects between planets but very little on understanding the psychological and external influence on aspects between signs containing these planetary positions.
Price $11.95

Lunations and Predictions
Forecasting by the use of the New Moon and Full Moon is an ancient art, which has been lost through the ages. With uncanny accuracy a Lunation can predict the events that will occur before the next Lunation.
Price $12.95

Understanding Planetary Placements
A direct, to the point book for the novice and professional astrologer, which explains the correlation between planets, signs, and houses. This book makes delineation so much easier.
Price $12.95

Basic Fundamentals of the Natal Chart
One of the few books that offers a simple step-by-step procedure for the erection of all four types of birth; a.m., p.m., noon and midnight along with the Moon corrections.
Price $9.95

Forecasting With New Full and Quarter Moon
Learn how to interpret the meaning of charts for the New and Full Moons (including Eclipses) and Quarter Moon in relation to the natal chart by comparing house positions between the two charts. Complete delineations are provided.
Price $13.95

Delineation of Progressions
From the mathematical of progressed chart construction to delineation examples, you will learn guidelines to interpreting aspects, house significance, retrograde and direct motion, and the progressed Moon’s effect.
Price $23.95

You and Your Ascendant Sign
Inside you will find not only an in-depth look at how each of the twelve signs functions on the Ascendant, but how the ruler of each functions through its own house placements. Also includes extensive sections on character traits, physical appearance, mentality, romantic inclinations and health for each sign.
Price $20.95

Card Reading for Astrologers
Any body can do it! This book teaches you how to read and may predictions using an ordinary deck of cards. Now you can start off your mornings right with our own personal readings, it is made simple for anyone to use.
Price $12.95

Solar Returns - Fatal Accidents Part 1
An Extensive text book on Fatal Accidents which applies the use of one's natal signature, progressed planets, transits and eclipes.
Price $24.00

Solar Returns - Fatal Accidents Part 2
Uses the same chart illustrations in Part 1 as a means of verifying the events with the use of Solar and Lunar Returns.
Price $21.00

Examines the Signs that rule the Ascendant, the eighth house cusp, and the fifth house cusp. Sophia then correlates them together to aid in determining your sexual needs and desires.
Price $24.00

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