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1LL - Meeting Your Angels, Guides and Enlightened Ones in Meditation
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Laura Lyn chooses words in her meditations that support a pathway to high frequencies ideal for the meditation process. Throughout most of the meditation she is channeling angels and other enlightened beings to help you find that space of tranquility. Laura Lyn searches for music that also embraces the highest frequencies through toning that hits all the chakras. The art that Laura Lyn found is a direct result of angelic divine guidance. Look at the artwork that Rassouli masterfully created and feel the essence flowing around and through you. Listen to the music of Anahata and pay attention to what happens in and around your body. Allow this meditation to become the stepping stones that create pathways to understanding profound mysteries about you and who your enlightened beings are.

Price $15.00 - CD

2LL - Meditative and Realm of Angels with Laughing Fox
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Laura Lyn will help you relax into a meditative state within the Realm of Angels while in the background Laughing Fox will play his beautiful Native American Spirited Flute.
Hear how Laughing Fox came upon his gifts from the Native American Spirit and the Ancient Ones. When playing the Native American Flute, Jacobís prayers are carried by the notes through the flute and up to the Creator. Laughing Foxís music will take you to that place inside you where only peace and healing reside. Together, these two work harmoniously for their quest to connect others to the Spirit that is all around us.

Price $15.00 - 2 CDs

3LL - Aura Healing Class
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An energy field that reflects your emotional and physical state surrounds your physical body. One of the names for this is the AURA. The AURA is visible to those who have developed this ability. Some people perceive it as colors around the body. The shape, the size and the type and intensity of the colors can show what condition the person is in. Some people can feel the AURA as energy. Unresolved emotional issues will affect the AURA, as they will eventually also affect our physical body.

When the AURA is being healed, we have an opportunity to be healed on a deep level. We can release our past traumas and blockages, so that we will not manifest disease as a result. The healing of the AURA can take place and can be experienced in many different ways. We may receive insight in the real cause, so that we can decide whether we want to resolve the issue forever or whether we choose to repeat the old problem or recreate a new version of the same problem. Or we may just feel uplifted and revitalized. You have your health in your own hands!

Price $14.95 - 2 CDs

4LL - Psychic and Medium Development
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Three Part Class :
Class 1 - Feel the Energy.
Learn tools to feeling and interpreting the energy of people, places and the environment around you.

Class 2 - Channeling Messages.
Learn ways to communicate to those on the other side.

Class 3 - Spirit Rescue.
Understand the difference between ghosts, spirits, angels, guides, and many other enlightened beings. Learn ways to help earthbound spirited energies. This class is designed to teach basic methods of energy.

Price $34.95 - 6 CDs

5LL - Angels of the Zodiac
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The USA progressed Mars in detriment in Libra forms a retrograde station for the first time in our nation's history in July 2006 and approaches an opposition with the USA progressed Venus in detriment in Aries in May 2009. Radical pole shifts in male-female relationships will affect society for several generations. Learn about the changing roles in American culture and more information about Chiron as the ruler of homosexuality.

Price $12.95 - CD

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