Brad Kochunas

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Astrologer, Author, Lecturer

Brad Kochunas has been quietly practicing astrology in Ohio for nearly three decades. He practices a nontraditional minimalist approach within a psychological perspective. He views astrology not so much as a way to predict events or provide answers to problems but rather as a modality used to generate questions leading clients more deeply into their lives.

Brad has published numerous articles in both professional and popular international media on topics of astrology, counseling, culture and spirituality. He has also presented on astrology at both astrology and counseling conferences in Ohio and Canada. He is the author of the self published, The Astrological Imagination: Where Psyche and Cosmos Meet. He is certified by ISAR, to which he belongs and also holds membership in NCGR.

Brad is also licensed as a clinical counselor and board certified nationally as a clinical mental health counselor and addictions counselor. He graduated from Baldwin Wallace College (BA, Religion), Miami University (MA, Religion), where his master's thesis was on astrology, and the University of Cincinnati (post-master's program, Counselor Education), where he combined astrology with clinical counseling. He is a member of the Ohio Counseling Association and the Ohio Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling.

He provides services to clients in face to face consultations at his home office or works online with clients in writing intensive e-consults. He does not do readings or engage in predictions. You can find out more about him in the directory at

Brad Kochunas CAP/PCC
17 Ardmore
Middletown, OH 45042

Phone: 513.422.1425

For more information, email him directly at

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