Carol Lavoie

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Certified Astrologer, NCGR Level IV, Counselor

Carol Lavoie is the wife of Alphee Lavoie and a professional counseling astrologer with over 25 years of experience. Her full time counseling practice has helped thousands of clients over the years and her clientele continues to return yearly bringing many referrals each time. She offers a full line of counseling services: forecasts/natal, relationship, horary, electional, rectification and business.

Carol is also a Reiki Master. As an adjunct to her Astrological Counseling, she also offers the benefits of essential oils from her new company, Botanical Blessings. Based on what is happening in your life as seen through your horoscope, she formulates a blend specific for you from the purest therapeutic grade of essential oils to assist you in your quest and growth. She also uses Bach flower remedies and FES flower essences to provide the support and healing that is needed.

Carol has lectured to many well known astrological organizations and conferences and has written extensively for many major publications, such as Dell Horoscope, Horoscope Guide, Aspects magazine, Mercury Hour, Astro-Forecast, and many others. Her online column can be read at

She is not new to the media and has made many radio and television appearances and has headlined news with her predictions that were published in the Hartford Courant and other Connecticut newspapers and magazines. She created and produced her own television talk show called Positive Lifestyles for 7 years.

Carol is also an integral part of the AIR Software team, running the office, writing program delineation texts, software documentations, books, articles, brochures, advertising, promotionals and handles all of the many other demands that keep AIR Software going! And, she has a book on the way!

Carol Lavoie

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