Alison Price

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Astrologer, Author, Lecturer

Alisonís career in astrology began in 1980, when she spent three years achieving a diploma from the South African College for Astrological Studies in Johannesburg. This extensive training covered natal and predictive work. Alison has a 'Certificate' from the Faculty of Astrological Studies, London, England. During August 2008 she attended their summer school at Oxford University intensely focussing on predictive work. She is very active in improving her astrological accreditations.

Whilst living in Johannesburg she worked with clients using natal chart analysis and had a modest astrology practice there in the 80ís. Moving to Cape Town she created a private consulting and teaching practice for beginners and advanced students. Now enjoying living in Canada since 2002 Alison has acquired a vibrant astrology business based in Oakville, Ontario. Where she offers personal consulting, teaching weekly classes, lecturing and writing.

She has contributed horoscope articles to community astrology newsletters and has her material published internationally. Her in-person student base is drawn from the Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Hamilton areas of southern Ontario and she is currently teaching astrology via Skype to students in Canada, USA, South Africa and Europe.

Alison enjoys childrenís astrology, focusing on developing the latent talents suggested by the chart and bringing them to the attention of the parents. She also has an interest in the patterns inherent in genealogical astrology spanning generations. She loves the astronomy of astrology. Her recent work is focussed on vocational signatures as shown in the natal chart. She prefers working with developing the psychology within a chart using traditional western methods and the Placidus house system. Astrology is her passion. Alison routinely works with Chiron and has recently begun inviting Eris and Sedna into her charts.

Publications: Dell Horoscope Magazine June 2011 - Gardening with Astrology, Midheaven (Toronto), The Guild News (Vancouver) and Stellium (FAS).

Memberships: Astrological Association of Great Britain, ISAR, NCGR, AFAN, OPA, ATI & CAAE.

Alison is an approved astrology teacher for the Canadian Association of Astrological Education (CAAE). She is delighted to be offering CAAE Levels 1, 2 and 3 classes and The Mathematics of Astrology.

Alison has supported the SOTA conference since 2007 and will be offering lectures there this year. She is friendly and accessible and she invites you to contact her.

Contact Allison through her website or by email

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