Joan Ann Evelyn

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Counselor, Astrologer, Lecturer & Teacher

“I really feel in the flow of the universe,” says Astrologer Joan Ann Evelyn. “My own chart provides me with a roadmap through life...”

Joan Ann brings more than twenty-five years of interest and seven years of scholarship to the study she calls her passion. It is her expertise, along with her eagerness to share her knowledge, that sets her apart.

She guides people to explore their own lives through Astrology. Unlike a psychic, she works with people's birth charts. “Our birth charts reveal our strengths, talents and weaknesses. Our chart is the key to our potential.” As an accomplished Astrologer, she thrives on sharing what she knows and motivating others to learn about Astrology, in her hope that everyone would discover this excellent source of knowledge and tool for a purposeful life.

Joan Ann gives keynote presentations and workshops on Astrology to clubs, groups and businesses in Durham Region. She writes a weekly horoscope column "The Stars Say..." for the Oshawa Express and the Scugog Standard newspaper. In addition to consulting, she has developed her own Astrology Data Base and prepares birth chart reports and yearly transit reports for her clients. Please visit her website:, where she posts a weekly column.

Joan Ann studied Astrology with Robin Armstrong for three years and then completed an additional three years of study with the Canadian Association for Astrological Education (CAAE). Joan Ann has achieved CAAE's three levels of certification and taught at Durham College, Oshawa, for six years. She continues to teach on an ongoing basis.

She served as Secretary of the CAAE Executive Board for six years and was elected President in February 2011. She continues to serve as President during the 2013/14 year.

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