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1ST - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Chart Interpretation
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(Part 1 of a weekend workshop)

Come prepared for an intense day on chart interpretation by the author of Aspects in Astrology, one of CAAE’s highly recommended texts.

  • Strategies for dealing with challenging casework
  • Psychological ideas that every astrologer finds they can’t manage without
  • How to interpret aspects and aspect patterns
  • The importance of ‘weighting’, a holistic approach in astrological interpretation
  • Sue will answer questions by participants
Sue will stimulate, challenge and entertain astrologers of all levels during this in-depth, one-day intensive.
Price $40.00 - Cassette
Price $40.00 - CD

2ST - Forecasting... For the Individual and the Nation
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(Part 2 of a weekend workshop)

Is it the astrologer’s job to predict? The aim of Day 2 is to have fun whilst raising important philosophical issues.

Is it our job to make predictions or does it rob clients of their free will? After many years of considering these issues, Sue will navigate us through the fate and free will minefield and explain what she believes is and is not possible in Forecasting. She will also discuss her favorite techniques—how they work and why.

Price $40.00 - Cassette
Price $40.00 - CD

3ST - Full Weekend Workshop (1ST & 2ST)
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(Includes 9 CDs and copies of the presentations used during the workshop)

Save $15 by purchasing both the Day1 Presentation: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Chart Interpretation and Day2 Presentation: Forecasting...for the Individual and the Nation. Includes copies of the workshop handouts.

Price $65.00 - Cassette
Price $65.00 - CD

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